Medical Dermatology

medYour skin can be your body’s most beautiful asset, but it is also an organ that should never be denied the medical care it requires to stay healthy.

General skin health is the cornerstone of beauty. Our skin reads like a map of our lives; it can tell a lot about us before we utter a word. As the largest organ in the human body, the skin is susceptible to many conditions which can damage and diminish its quality.

Our skin can speak for diseases that lay underneath or it can show signs of family connectivity through genetic disease. It is ours to tame, love and find comfort in. It is our goal to help you love the skin you are in. Whether it is a serious, life threatening skin condition, a recurrent, frustrating skin problem, or concern about a new rash or spot on your skin, we offer a large variety of options for fully evaluating and addressing your dermatologic needs.

Our team of board-certified dermatologists and licensed physician assistants are all top in their field.They have extensive training and experience in all areas of medical dermatology.

Our medical treatments include:

* Cold sores/Dry skin
* Eczema/Excessive sweating
* Genital warts (HOV)
* Keratosis pilaris
* Melanoma/Psoriasis
* Mohs surgery/Mole removal
* Skin cancer/Sun spots
* Skin tags/Warts

In our total body exam,we carefully inspect your skin to look for any potentially dangerous bumps, birthmarks or blemishes. In the event we find something that looks like skin cancer, it would be removed for biopsy or in its entirety.

All diseases and medical conditions associated with skin, hair and nails are diagnosed and treated by our highly skilled and trained medical providers. These knowledgeable professionals include Dermatological Doctors, Plastic Surgeons, Nurse Practioners and PAs,each exceeding the standards and qualifications mandated by their profession.

For your medical needs, our staff offer a range of treatments, diagnostics, and check-ups.Contact us at (480) 435-9731